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Help for Hurricane and Tornado Victims

I would like to thank all who have donated. You have helped us send over 2,000 caring bags, over 10,000 pairs of shoes and over 4,000 stuffed animals in school bags, to help the hurricane victims get reestablished. We are still accepting donations. We especially still need toothpaste, deodorant, socks and children shoes. You can also send financial donations as well. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you. Send donations to...

with Africa

I would like to thank all who donated to our Connecting With Africa programs. We filled two 40 foot containers, one sent fall of 2005 to Kenya and one May 2006 to Liberia, filled with caring bags, clothes, toys, books, household items, furniture, computers, appliances, and even a vehicle. In the spring of 2009, fall of 2010, winter of 2011 and spring of 2012, we sent 12 large barrels full of school supplies, books, toys and shoes to the Kids For A Better World Child Development Center in Liberia, which was opened in January 2008. The Center is currently serving over 500 children and more school supplies are needed as well as funding for another building so no child is turned away. We hope to send barrels filled with supplies twice a year; by the end of the year and in the spring. If you would like to donate items or help with the cost of sending these items, (cost of sending a large barrel is around $250), Send donations to...

*Kids of all ages can help send barrels full of school supplies through our "CHANGE FOR CHANGE" program. Kids can collect coins to help change the lives of the children in Africa by putting jars in businesses, churches, schools or ask for change when they go trick or treating. We will recognize all contributions on the website, and we welcome pictures of you with your cans. Our goal is to raise $750 to send 3 barrels.

*We also have a new sponsorship program where you can sponsor a child for $35 a month or a one time gift and you will receive pictures of your sponsored child and get updates and letters from them.

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Music From the Heart Caring Bags
for the Homeless
Walk in My Shoes Children of the
World United
Nurse Nancy's
Wish List
Books to Share,
Books to Read
Kids Sending HUGS Buddy Bear
Bring 'em Home
Recycling Caring Cards
for Soldiers
Music from the Heart

Music From The Heart for Ronald McDonald House has provided over $3,000 in music related items so that patients, families and staff, can experience the healing aspects of music. The house has developed a whole music program around the items donated. Another $300 worth of items have recently been delivered to the house, including 6 CD personal players, a second Karaoke machine and CD music.

Please check our current needs by checking the wish list...

Caring Bags for the Homeless

Caring Bags for the Homeless has distributed over 25,000 bags. Bags are filled with hygiene items, 2 pairs of warm socks, warm scarf, snacks and a card saying "I CARE ABOUT YOU".

We can always use any donation, yarn for scarfs, travel or trial size hygiene items, socks, snacks... but feel free to check our current needs by checking the wish list...


Music Uniting Service In Communities uses music to respond to the growing needs of senior citizens and hospital patients who exhibit high levels of inactivity. I have shared more than 2,500 hours of music's healing power, playing my violin and piano at nursing homes, senior centers, veteran hospitals, churches and benefits within my community. Recently, I purchased $300 worth of music related items for the Teen Center.

Please check our current needs by checking the wish list...

Walk in My Shoes

Walk In My Shoes provides shoes to underprivileged children and families, locally and internationally. This program started in September 2004 and over 72,000 pairs of shoes have already been donated locally and internationally.

Please check our current needs by checking the wish list...

Children of the World United

Children Of The World United was a response to the terrorist attack in Russia at the school in Beslan. Around 3,000 responses of encouragement along with 1,000 bracelets to show unity, were delivered to the Russian Embassy in Washington with the help of a State Representative. Another 1,000 bracelets were made for Soldiers to give to the children in Iraq. Children of the World United continues to unite youth around the world against terrorism, such as the attack on Londons transportation system in 2005 and the recent attacks in Norway on July 22, 2011.

Share your own message of encouragement... download, print, color and add your own message on artwork designed by Ashlee, download now (749K)... Make your own "One Heart" Bracelet... download instructions now (917K). Then mail them back to me and I'll pass them along! See my contact page for instructions or if you'd like, send this to anyone to brighten a day :o)

Nurse Nancy's Wish List

Nurse Nancy's Wish List at the Elementary level, provides medical supplies, hygiene items, snacks and clothing for the nurse to distribute to underprivileged children when the need arises. Over $3,000 in medical supplies and $2,000 in hygiene and warm clothes have been donated. In September 2004 I added a program at the Junior High level, "Nurse Pam's Wish List" and have distributed over $1,000 in medical supplies, hygiene items, warm socks and snacks.

Please check our current needs by checking the wish list...

Books to Share, Books to Read

Books To Share, Books To Read distributes books to children's hospitals, third world orphanages, neighborhood reading programs and shelters. Over 21,000 books have been distributed and over 800 hours reading to neighborhood children and senior citizens.

Please check our current needs by checking the wish list...


We are collecting new stuffed animals and sending them along with this poem to children who have been victims of disasters, locally, nationally and internationally.

I'm here to wipe away your tears
and be your special friend.
When you can't sleep and feeling scared
I'm here to hold your hand.
I'm sent from Kids and filled with Love
a million hugs for you.
I'll keep you safe and when you're sad
I'll take away the blues.

Please check our current needs by checking the wish list...


Teddy bears along with a jelly wrist band for families of deployed soldiers. For this program we are currently looking for supporters to help with the cost of the jelly wristbands and teddy bears. My goal is to have every family with a soldier deployed have one.

Please contact us if you have any ideas or a connection to a jelly wristband manufacturer that might help us with the cost and or production of this item.

Make caring cards for deployed soldiers. Mail them back to me and I'll pass them along! See my contact page for the address.

Below are some samples of cards recently sent.
Next to the image is the greeting inside of the cards.
Here is a download of the Caring Cards for Soldiers instructions including mailing information... click here.

We cannot find the words to express how grateful we are that you are putting yourself in harm's way to protect our country. The U.S.A. is the land of the free and the home of the brave... but only because of courageous people like you. We wish you and your fellow troop members complete safety throughout your tour of duty. May you return home soon to a true hero's welcome.

Thank you from Kids For A Better World.

Kids For A Better World is all about recycling. Make a difference and drop off your pop cans, pop tabs, bottle caps, old cell phones and gently used clothes and toys at our drop off site.

Please call 763-533-1110 to make arrangements to drop off your recyclables.

Below are links to my most current donation efforts. Please take the time to help others in need
through this website or in your own community. “If you put your mind to it, anything can happen.”
—Ashlee Kephart

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